OEM Markings

One of the most important components of defining your company is your brand; your logo must be recognized instantly. The use of vinyl decals is a mainstay for OEM. At Blackstone we use an ultra violet ink system with automotive grade pigments which assures your brand will have a long lasting visual impact for years to come.

A decal’s performance refers to expected longevity for its intended use. This includes as applicable:

  • Life Expectancy
  • Fade Resistance
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Resistance to Exposure
  • Chemical Resistance

Product planning is an integral part of assuring product performance or that your decal’s message achieves its life expectancy. Product planning includes consideration to applicable standards such as ASAE. The creation of Material Standards is a very important step to consistently meeting requirements. Final testing is performed with standard ASTM test methods.

Blackstone assures product performance through the use of quality products, equipment, suppliers and skilled personnel. We also work with component suppliers to partner in specifying products that meet your requirements.


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