Blackstone Graphics specializes in the production and management of outdoor durable decals. Offering a focused line of quality printed products including overlays and product branding (logos). Our clients are Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in: Agricultural, Heavy Equipment, Recreational and Fleet Manufacturers. Our decals are used in local, regional, national and international marketplaces.

Blackstone was founded in 2000 by Bonnie Lemay. With over twenty years of experience in the industrial graphics industry, Bonnie was an Art Director, held multiple management positions and later became an accredited assessor of ISO 9000 Quality Systems.

Unlike many startup companies, Blackstone was built with a Quality System Foundation designed to drive continued success. Our goal was to set the bench mark in Customer Support with incredible attention to detail using customized systems to ensure client needs.

At Blackstone we are committed and accountable to our customers, employees and the community. This helps to maintain our perspective, balance and competitive edge.


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